Super-buff kangaroo moves into Australian suburb, flaunts bulging muscles

Updated May 25, 2015
  • By Samantha Jordan
  • News965 - Orlando, Fla.

Meet Big Buck.

He's an impressively massive kangaroo with muscles that would make Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson jealous. According to the Huffington Post, the burly 'roo is said to be 6-foot-5 and is estimated to weigh almost 210 pounds. Big Buck hopped into the town of Brisbane in Australia and has been intimidating residents with his rippling physique. "He's very intimidating, he's a big boy," resident Linda Hellyer told Seven News Brisbane. "We turned the corner and old mate jumped out. He's very big and I don't want to take him on. He's got massive, massive muscles, big pecs and everything."

Big Buck has been spotted hanging out on golf courses in North Lakes, Queensland as well as other areas. More popular and trending stories