Skunk enters home, goes on spraying rampage

Credit: Jan Stromme

Credit: Jan Stromme

A homeowner in Colorado who wanted some fresh air got a stinky surprise instead.

Jody Britton told Denver7  that on the night of May 25, she opened the back door of her home for some fresh air. A skunk entered the home, followed by the family's dogs. The skunk unleashed its trademark defense mechanism and sprayed the dogs.

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The skunk went on to spray the Britton's living room and dining room, including the walls and curtains. An exterminator was called and the skunk was finally captured after about an hour, Denver7 reported.

By then, the damage had been done. The Brittons were told by their insurance company that the damages would not be covered by their policy. The cleaning service they hired was unable to save the furniture, and told the family that the skunk's oily discharge had likely penetrated the home's hardwood floors and drywall.

A family friend has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for the extensive repair work. So far, damages total $9,700, but could climb much higher if the floors need to be replaced.