Montana lawmaker’s bid to outlaw yoga pants is tabled

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Some members of Montana’s House Judiciary Committee giggled before a unanimous vote this week to table House Bill 365, but Rep. David Moore wasn’t kidding when he said yoga pants should be among various attire he wanted to declare illegal to wear in public.

Moore wanted to expand the state’s current definition of indecent exposure to include garments that make it appear the wearer is exposing “buttocks, genitals, pelvis or female nipple.”

Apparently, Moore finds such clothing “provocative,” because that is how he describes it. And, yes, yoga pants are just as bad as tight-fitting beige garments, he says. Speedos, too.

Moore got bent out of shape about yoga pants (get it?) and other “provocative” attire after a Bare as you Dare bicycle event last summer that resulted in several completely nude people riding bikes through downtown Missoula.

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We would embed the video for you, but don’t want to shock you with the image of nude bicyclists. Any search engine will find it for you: Search for “Dare to Be Bare Naked Bicycle Ride in Missoula” from Aug. 17, 2014.

If you do check out the video, you can decide for yourself if the vision of those naked people on bicycles is provocative or, as one commenter said…

“Um, yuck.”

AP contributed to this report.