Texas man accused of secretly taking ‘hundreds’ of lewd photos of women

A Texas man suspected of secretly taking hundreds of lewd photos of women in public places was arrested by Lake Worth police, the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth reported.

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Alexander Martinez, 32, of Hurst, is accused of taking and collecting the photographs since 2011, according to Detective Richard Martinez of the Lake Worth Police Department. According to authorities, Martinez would go to grocery stores, football and dressing rooms to film victims and even stood outside of bedroom windows to record women and teen girls who were sleeping, the Star-Telegram reported. Some of the images depicted nude women who were either sleeping or unconscious, the newspaper reported.

“It's sad there’s someone out there doing this stuff to teenagers and to moms and ladies out there," Martinez said.

Martinez has been charged with invasive visual recording and possession of a controlled substance, Det. Martinez said. 

Also arrested was Janna McFadden, who is suspected of telling Martinez to send her the photos and videos while he was being questioned, police said. She is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and interfering with public duties, the Star-Telegram reported.

According to police, they received a complaint from a woman at a Target in Lake Worth, who said she had caught him recording her with his cellphone under a dressing room door, WFAA reported.

"His technique was to put his phone by (women’s) feet (at public places) and stand around and act like he’s shopping," Martinez said. “When he gets maybe a few seconds of footage, he’ll pick it up and move on.”

Martinez also allegedly used a selfie stick to take photos, WFAA reported.

Police collected Martinez’s cellphone, flash drives and other storage devices and discovered hundreds of images and videos of women, police said.

"We probably don’t know everything he’s done, that’s just the evidence we have at this time," Lake Worth police Chief Corry Blount said. "It’s overwhelming."

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