Silver brandy flask recovered from Titanic sells for $98K

A silver brandy flask given to a first-class passenger on the Titanic shortly before it sank in April 1912 sold for approximately $98,000, the BBC reported

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The flask, which was sold by the Henry Aldridge & Son auction company in the United Kingdom, belonged to Helen Churchill Candee, the network reported. The flask was engraved with the family's coat of arms and the motto, "Faithful but unfortunate."


According to the BBC, Churchill Candee handed the item to fellow first class passenger Edward Kent as the ship was sinking. Kent died, along with approximately 1,500 passengers and crew members, but Candee survived. The flask was found when Kent's body was recovered and returned to his wife, who later gave the flask back to Churchill CandeeCNN reported.

Churchill Candee died in 1949, when she was 80. The flask remained in her family until 2005, according to the network.

Credit: John Moore/Getty Images

Credit: John Moore/Getty Images

The Titanic, deemed “unsinkable,” was four days into a weeklong crossing on the Atlantic Ocean from Southampton to New York when the ship hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912. It sank less than three hours later on April 15.

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