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'Selfie' busts church thief

The suspect was busted by Chula Vista police after investigators found a cellphone he allegedly left behind after breaking into the house of worship. On the phone, police say they found a "self" of the prideful perpetrator.

Howe is accused of breaking into one of the church's buildings as well as an RV parked on the property.

He allegedly ransacked the place and stole up to $10,000 worth of items, including a laptop, several purses, watches and cash.

A detective who examined the photo recognized the location the photo was taken and was able to identify the man in the photo as who they believe to be Howe.

Church minister Nathaniel Harris, told NBC 7 San Diego he had to fight temptation and forgive the suspects, "At first you get frustrated and you want to lay hands [on the suspect] in a different way, but Christ, through us, obviously, we want to see them change."

Police said a search of Howe’s belongings turned up some stolen items from both the church and RV. They say he has admitted to the crime.

They also arrested two other suspects camping out in a nearby tent who reportedly also had items stolen from the church.