Residents in Houston neighborhood wary of 'duct tape dude'

Residents in a Houston neighborhood said they are worried about a man who puts strips of duct tape on his face and follows people on a jogging trail, KTRK reported.

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"We refer to him as 'duct tape dude,'" Middlebrook resident Linda Sansing told the television station. "When you start chasing the residents and you're wearing duct tape on your face, it just sounds like something is not right."

While Sansing admitted she has not seen the man, she said she has kept up with a neighborhood message board that has documented several encounters with the man.

According to KTRK, posters on the board have written the man "Wears duct tape on his face and acts very strange," and "He wore duct tape with sunglasses on his face."

There are more than 100 comments on the message board, the television station reported.

"It's quite unusual to be staring at people walking and jogging, and wearing that kind of stuff on your face," Houston Police Clear Lake Division Sgt. Paulino Lozano told KTRK. "It's a little frustrating because the citizens want more and expect more, but there's only so much that we can do. So we definitely want to get ahead of it and see what his intentions are."

Despite the creepiness of the “duct tape dude,” Lozano said the man has not broken any laws. Lozano did suggest vigilance, however.

"A lot of people like wearing those ear buds and not pay attention while they're jogging," Lozano told KTRK. "Just be aware of what's going on. Try to walk in pairs or in groups."

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