Report: Top 10 Affordable U.S. Suburbs With a City Feel

If you live in a major city and are looking to relocate somewhere that is perhaps cheaper than your current locale, there are quite a few places you can go. 

A recent joint report from Yelp and Zillow shows U.S. suburbs that are affordable but still give you that “big city” feel with things like an active restaurant scene along with business and cultural diversity.

The Yelp / Zillow Cityness Index highlights suburban cities that strike that balance between cheaper living and amenities often thought to be available only in major cities. The suburbs listed in the report are affordable compared to their nearby big cities and the United States overall.

These Suburbs Score High for Affordability and ‘Cityness’

Here are the top affordable suburbs with the highest scores for city-like amenities, according to Yelp and Zillow. Suburbs are ranked based on a 100-point “Cityness Index,” which considers factors such as affordability and urban resources.

Top 10 Affordable Suburbs With a City Amenities

City & StateTypical Home ValueCityness Index Score
Waterbury, Connecticut$139,30467.6
Lowell, Massachusetts$323,57664.7
Joliet, Illinois$155,01863.8
Sunrise, Florida$243,07860.7
Pasadena, Texas$168,08060.5
Lancaster, California$320,49459.3
Hampton, Virginia $188,37358.6
Marietta, Georgia$318,06958.4
Norman, Oklahoma$180,833 58.2
Tempe, Arizona$327,96357.9

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ExploreSee the full report from Zillow and Yelp.
“At Yelp, we’re seeing consumer interest and requests for quotes in categories like movers, packing services and mortgage lenders increase in major metro areas, compared to the same time period last year,” says Tara Lewis, Yelp trend expert. “For city dwellers who don’t want to sacrifice great amenities like restaurants, art galleries and nightlife, but are dreaming of a little more space and a more affordable lifestyle, these suburbs offer a similar variety of great local businesses.”

When it comes to buying a home anywhere right now, money expert Clark Howard says while there is much economic uncertainty in the world, your decision should be based on your personal circumstances.

"If you are planning to own the property for a number of years, then today's conditions are fine as long as your employment situation is stable," Clark says.

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