NFL embracing snowy Super Bowl XLVIII

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​Super Bowl XLVIII is coming up in a couple months and attendees might experience more than just what’s happening inside the stadium this time.

The game will be held in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium. And as a writer for CBS sports points out, it will be the first time in 47 years the game will be played outdoors — and, in a region known for freezing temperatures in February. (Via CBS Sports)

The coldest it's ever been for the big game was during Super Bowl IV in New Orleans when the Chiefs played the Vikings in 39 degree weather...43 years ago. (Via YouTube)

The Farmers' Almanac predicts "significant snowfalls … for parts of every zone." And is "'red-flagging' the first ten days of February" — Super Bowl 48, mind you, is on the 2nd. But it gets better… the Almanac stresses "this particular part of the winter season will be particularly volatile and especially turbulent."

The New York / New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee said intense wind or snow, they're sticking with it and even dubbed the weather the game's unofficial theme. (Via Fox News)

But this doesn’t mean the organization will leave you without a little extra warmth. Each ticket holder will receive a “warm welcome” package of earmuffs, tissues, lip balm and hand warmers upon entering the game. Bundle up!

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