New Hampshire man killed brother's dog, tossed it in dumpster, police say

A dog was found dead in a dumpster in New Hampshire, police said.

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A dog was found dead in a dumpster in New Hampshire, police said.

New Hampshire man is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he killed his brother's dog.

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Gerard Bosse told police that Lexi, a 4-year-old Husky, was sick and he was putting her out of her misery, but family members say she was a happy, healthy dog.

Lexi kept her owners and the family next door very busy at playtime.

“She was a very nice dog, she was very calm," said neighbor Tyler, 11.

Tyler said he and his friends often played chase with Lexi around their duplex, but on the morning of Oct. 20, Lexi disappeared. Then, Tyler and his stepdad made a horrifying discovery.

"I went to go help my stepdad out and take out the trash and then the dog was in the dumpster, dead, and its throat was slit open," Tyler said.

Derry Police said Bosse cut Lexi's throat with a knife and tossed her in the dumpster.

"There was blood all around on the ground. That's how I knew she died right there," Tyler said.

He and his stepdad ran to alert Lexi's owner, Josh Bosse. They said Josh Bosse immediately grew suspicious of his brother Gerard and thought he might have had something to do with her death.

"He confessed to the cops about what happened and what he did," Tyler said.

Gerard Bosse was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, while the Bosse family mourns the loss of their beloved pet.

"She didn't know any of that was gonna happen," Tyler said. "Very quiet without that dog around. It's pretty sad."

Gerard Bosse has pleaded not guilty and will be back in court next month.

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