4-year-old who lost best friend to cancer turns his grief into something positive

Four-year-old, heartbroken after losing his best friend to cancer, turned his grief into something positive to help others.

“I love her,” said Connor Nicol, 4. “We used to play and have fun and blow bubbles.”

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Three-year-old Ella passed away last year from a brain tumor, WJBK reports.

“As we found out that she was terminal, we had to explain to him that she might go to heaven,” said Connor’s mom, Diana.

Connor decided to help other kids like Ella by opening a lemonade stand. He wants to donate all the money he makes to other kids in the hospital who are battling cancer.

“He tells people, especially his grandfather, that it is a $5 donation for the lemonade,” said Diana.

Connor also held a garage sale where he sold all his old toys to raise money.

“He wants to help others and he knows others aren’t as fortunate as us,” said Diana.

So far he has raised $93.

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