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1-year-old shot in the head dies from injuries

Harborview Medical Center said that baby Malijha was withdrawn from care on Saturday night -- and later died from her injuries. She was brain dead when she arrived at the hospital after Thursday's shooting.
Investigators said the shooting does not appear to be random.
Police said Malijha was in her car seat in the back of her parents’ silver Impala when she was shot in the head Thursday.
Authorities believed the shooting stemmed from a road rage incident. According to detectives, two men in a black sedan shot at the parents’ vehicle and then sped off.

Kent police said they’re still “looking into all possibilities” -- and a search for a suspect continues.
During a live broadcast, Edmond “Mackie” McNeil, the uncle of the girl who was shot, came up to a reporter and spoke.
"We need to stop the Seattle violence," McNeil said. "The CD (Central District), south end, whoever, wherever. It's over. We're trying to be living for our kids. Everybody needs to live for your kids, now. It's over.  You ain't no gangster because you want to carry a gun."