5-year-old saves up allowance to buy lunch for officers

A 5-year-old boy went above and beyond to thank the police officers who protect his town.

William Evertz Jr., of New Jersey, saved up his allowance for seven months and bought lunch for the officers in his hometown of Winslow Township.

William and his mother made the delivery of Subway sandwiches to the officers. His mother said that William told her he wanted the officers to rest so they could protect the town.

Officers then turned around and thanked William by making him an honorary officer. William got his own special T-shirt and badge.

Police then gave him a ride home in a police car, with the lights and sirens on.

On Tuesday, the police officers surprised William. Winslow Township officers showed up at his home and delivered William his very own toypolice cruiser.

The cruiser was designed to look just like the Winslow Township police cars.

The officers said it was a thank-you for lunch and for being such a great kid.

News Jersey News 12 and The Associated Press contributed to this article.