7-year-old creates safety buttons for 'Pokemon Go' users

Everyone and their cousin is playing Pokemon Go with more than a couple horror stories coming out about incidents happening to players while using the game. But a 7-year-old in Papillion, Nebraska, is hoping to help out users while also keeping them safe.

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Athen Salcedo has opened a shop where he is selling "Poke Glo Safety Buttons" for users of the popular mobile app, Pokemon Go, The Huffington Post reports. "I feel like people will be looking at their phones too much and walking around and when it starts to get dark cars won't be able to see them," he told the Huffington Post.

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The buttons, which look like Pokeballs, reflect light from car headlights to alert drivers of players walking around. "I thought too that if someone like walked far into their neighborhood and didn’t realize how far they had gone that by the time they were walking back it might be getting dark," Salcedo said. "That is why I say don’t go without your Poke Glo."

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The prices range from 50 cents to $2, depending on size, with a wearable band available for $4, the Huffington Post added. Salcedo is currently trying to raise money to create more buttons at his GoFundMe page. Parents can learn more about the game, such as safety measures, because everyone, even newscasters, are playing it now.