Woman who invented classic green bean casserole dies

It isn’t Thanksgiving without a green bean casserole. But did you know a woman invented the dish for Campbell’s.

Her name was Dorcas Reilly, and she passed away on Oct. 15 at the age of 92, WRC reported.

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Reilly worked for Campbell’s Home Economics department in 1955 when she came up with the idea to combine green beans with the company’s cream of mushroom soup for what was originally called “Green Bean Bake.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that she wanted to make something quick that used ingredients that homes usually had in the pantries.

Campbell calls Reilly's creation "the mother of all comfort foods."

She left the company in 1961 and eventually came back as manager of Campbell's Kitchen in 1981, according to the company. Reilly finally retired in 1988.

Her original recipe for the Thanksgiving staple was been donated to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2002, the company said.

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