Woman says bar owner mistook her as pregnant, kicked her out

“I put on my outfit, my full face of makeup, and I'm feeling great about myself. I just put in two hours at the gym,” the woman said.

The woman, who wishes to conceal her identity, says it was her first time visiting the bar Jim's Place in Jacksonville.

She told Action News Jax that she got through security, but was stopped by the owner who wanted to know if she was pregnant.

“I didn't get offended until he pulled me back and said ‘Well are you sure?’ and I'm like ‘I'm sure I'm not pregnant. I would know if I was pregnant.' And he pointed to the sign that evidently said ‘No Pregnant Women Allowed,’” the woman said.

She says accusations quickly turned to outright insults.

“I stormed out in tears and my friend was like ‘What's going on? Are you serious? She's not pregnant.’ And he said, ‘Well that's fine, get your fat a** out too,’” the woman said.

The woman wants a public apology. When asked by Action News Jax for a response, the owner pointed to the sign that reads “No Pregnant Women.”

By law, a private business owner can't discriminate against race or gender, but can refuse a customer for other reasons like weight.