Woman kept German shepherd mix, beagle locked in cage together; one ate other to survive, police say

An Ohio woman has been charged, accused by police of keeping two starving dogs locked in the same cage.

Police said Jessica Swineheart of Canton kept a German shepherd-mix locked in the same cage with a beagle, WJW reported.

Court records state Swineheart didn't give the animals food or water in the cage, The Canton Repository reported.

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When the beagle died, police alleged the other dog ate it to survive.

Police said they found the larger dog, which had lost about two-thirds of its body weight, still in the cage with the other animal's remains, according to WJW.

Police did not state how long the animals had been caged together, the Repository reported.

Swineheart was arrested earlier this month and faces two felony counts of prohibitions concerning companion animals, WJW reported.

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