Woman gets bouquet of Chicken McNuggets

A woman in the Philippines prefers flour to flowers when it comes to a bouquet.

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Annika Aguinaldo is a college student from Manila. She has known her boyfriend, Rico Villanueva, since they were elementary school students. Both 19-year-olds enjoy eating at McDonald's, where they usually share Chicken McNuggets.

Last week, Villanueva asked Aguinaldo to meet her for a surprise. Aguinaldo told BuzzFeed News that, to her delight, her boyfriend presented her with a bouquet of Chicken McNuggets. Previously, Aguinaldo told Villanueva that she did not like receiving flowers. After Aguinaldo received her bouquet, a friend posted a photo to Twitter and that tweet has gone viral.

McDonald’s Philippines caught wind of the gesture and invited the couple to dine on a romantic meal — of Chicken McNuggets, of course.

“Despite the viral post, Rico and I are still the same goofy couple,” Aguinaldo told BuzzFeed News. “Viral tweet or no tweet, I still appreciate the little things he does to make me happy.”

In case you were wondering, the happy couple ate the bouquet immediately, helped by their friend who took the photos for Twitter.