What is the makeup of the Supreme Court now that Kavanaugh is a member?

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Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed by Senate to U.S. Supreme Court

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Supreme Court's newest justice, Brett Kavanaugh, will report for his first day on the job on Tuesday.

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Following a contentious confirmation process that left the Senate and the country divided on whether Kavanaugh is fit for the high court, the newest justice will be seated when the court gets back to work Tuesday, following the Columbus Day holiday.

How will the addition of Kavanaugh to the court change its makeup? Here’s a look at the members of the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court fast facts:

  • There are nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court – eight associated justices and the chief justice.
  • According to the Constitution, the president nominates candidates for the Supreme Court, and the Senate approves the candidates.
  • There is no difference in the approval process for the chief justice than for the associate justices.
  • A Supreme Court justice's term is for life, but they can be removed by impeachment by the Congress. No justice has ever been impeached.
  • William Howard Taft is the only president to have sat on the Supreme Court. Taft took a seat on the court after he left the White House.
  • Two Supreme Court justices have had their face on U.S. currency – John Marshall who appeared on the $500 bill, and Salmon P. Chase who graced the $10,000 bill.
  • Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist were sworn in on the same day, Jan. 7, 1972.
  • Jimmy Carter is the only president to have served a complete term and not have the opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice.
  • The American Bar Association's Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary is charged with evaluating nominees to the Supreme Court. They rank the nominees as either qualified, well-qualified, or not qualified.

The current members of the Supreme Court are:

Clarence Thomas

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Stephen Breyer

John Roberts

Samuel Alito

Sonia Sotomayor

Elena Kagan

Neil Gorsuch

Brett Kavanaugh


Thomas – 70

Ginsburg – 85

Breyer – 79

Roberts – 63

Alito – 68

Kagan – 58

Sotomayor - 64

Gorsuch - 50

Kavanaugh – 53

When they took the bench

Thomas - 1991

Ginsburg - 1993

Breyer - 1994

Roberts - 2005

Alito - 2006

Sotomayor - 2009

Kagan - 2010

Gorsuch - 2017

Kavanaugh - 2018

Confirmation vote tally

Here is the vote count for Senate confirmation for the sitting Supreme Court justices:

Thomas 52-48
Ginsburg 96-3
Breyer 87-9
Roberts 78-22
Alito 58-42
Sotomayor 68-31
Kagan 63-37
Gorsuch 54-45
Kavanaugh 50-48

Nominated by which president

Goerge H.W. Bush: Thomas

Bill Clinton: Ginsburg, Breyer

George W. Bush: Roberts, Alito

Barack Obama: Sotomayor, Kagan

Donald Trump: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh

Which law schools they graduated from

Thomas – Yale

Ginsburg – Columbia/Harvard

Breyer – Harvard

Roberts – Harvard

Alito – Yale

Sotomayor – Yale

Kagan – Harvard

Gorsuch – Harvard

Kavanaugh – Yale

Years as a judge before their appointment to the Supreme Court

Thomas – 1

Ginsburg – 13

Breyer – 14

Roberts – 2

Alito – 16

Sotomayor – 17

Kagan – 0

Gorsuch – 11

Kavanaugh – 12

What they oversee on the court

Thomas – Oversees the Eleventh Circuit.

Ginsburg – Oversees the Second Circuit.

Breyer – Oversees the First Circuit.

Roberts – Oversees the District of Columbia Circuit, the Fourth Circuit and the Federal Circuit.

Alito – Oversees the Third and Fifth Circuits.

Sotomayor – Oversees the Tenth Circuit.

Kagan – Oversees the Sixth and Seventh Circuits.

Gorsuch – Oversees the Eighth Circuit.

Kavanaugh – Replacing Kennedy who oversaw the Ninth Circuit.

The judges’ religion

Thomas - Catholic

Ginsburg - Jewish

Breyer - Jewish

Roberts - Catholic

Alito - Catholic

Sotomayor - Catholic

Kagan - Jewish

Gorsuch – raised Catholic; attends an Episcopal church

Kavanaugh – Catholic

Marital status

Seven of the nine justices are married. Sotomayor is divorced and Kagan has not been married.

The seven who are married are also parents.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy swears in his replacement, Brett Kavanaugh, following a blistering confirmation battle.
Retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy swears in his replacement, Brett Kavanaugh, following a blistering confirmation battle.