WATCH: Punches fly when man refused beer on American Airlines flight to Florida

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out on American Airlines Flight

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A fight broke out between two passengers on an American Airlines flight headed to Miami from Saint Croix on Wednesday.

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Passenger Bill Bolduc captured the fight during American flight 1293 on his cell phone and posted a series of videos on YouTube on Friday.

The two passengers begin arguing during the food and beverage service, because a flight attendant refused to serve one of the men another beer.

The flight attendant can be heard in the background saying, “Please sit down, I’m not bringing you any more beers.”

The second man tried to help and that's when things got violent, Bolduc told WPLG.

“Hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point,” Bolduc said.

FBI officials told WPLG that he threatened to kill the other man and spit blood on him.

The two men began punching and other passengers jumped in to try to separate them.

In one of the videos, other men stand up to try to help the passenger calm down, telling him to “chill” and “relax” while he banged his head on the overhead compartment.

At some point, everyone returned to their seats and the plane landed safely at the Miami International Airport, according to WPLG. The man was taken into custody by Miami-Dade Police. No flight attendants were hurt.

American Airlines stated it is proud of how the flight crew handled the situation.

WSVN reports that the FBI is now investigating.

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