WATCH: Houston reporter helps rescue driver from floodwaters on live TV

“Dude, you’ve got to get out of the car. You’ve got to get out!” Campion yelled.

The video shows the man stuck inside with his car door open when his car began to sink.

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“Leave the car; swim!” Campion yelled to the man.

Campion can then be seen trekking through the floodwaters to reach the man and help get him out.

“Sir are you OK? Watch your step, sir.”

“I’m OK,” the man answered.

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“Did you not just think the water was that deep?” Campion asked.

"I did not think it was that deep," the man said.

Moments later, the car went under.

The man identified himself as Andy and tried to go back to his vehicle but Campion can be heard saying, “You’ve got to leave the car.”

The Firefighters Helping Firefighters organization was so impressed with what they saw that they jokingly tweeted, "Steve Campion- want a job with HFD? Great job!"

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