Walmart greeter who was going to lose his job after job description change gets new position

The Walmart greeter who was afraid of losing his job after company officials decided to get rid of greeters and replace them with “customer hosts” now has a new job in the company.

Jay Melton has worked at Walmart for 17 years, but recently went to Facebook to share his fears after the company added new duties that would be difficult for him to perform, McDowell News reported.

Melton has cerebral palsy and cannot do the heavy lifting and standing that was required for the new jobs, WYFF reported.

Last week, Walmart told greeters at 1,000 stores that their jobs were being done away with and would be replaced with the customer host job that would require them not to only greet customers as they came into the store, but also help with returns, check receipts and keep the front of the store clean. They were also told they would have to lift heavy weights and climb ladders, The Associated Press reported.

After a nationwide social media outcry, including thousands of signatures asking the company to reconsider Melton's position, he has a new job, WYFF reported.

He will now be a self-checkout host, the store announced via Facebook.

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Thursday night, Greg Foran, the president and CEO of Walmart's stores in the U.S., sent managers a memo saying that "We are taking some specific steps to support" greeters with disabilities, the AP reported.

Originally the affected employees had 60 days to find a new job with the company, but that has now been changed to indefinite amount of time for greeters who are disabled, the AP reported.

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