Video: Florida man turns bond court into twerking party

We've seen a girl battle a cat in a twerk-off and even experienced "twerk" entering the Oxford Dictionary, thanks in large part to Miley Cyrus' famous ode to the dance move.

It’s time for all pretenders to step aside for Calvin Griffith, 30, who brought a dance party to Miami-Dade County bond court this morning.

According to a report by WPLG, Griffith is accused of breaking into a Miami school and taking an employee's car.

Griffith apparently decided his bond hearing was a fine time to break into a twerking routine. During the short session, he twerks, mouths "Hi Mom," twerks again, and appears to rub his chest somewhat suggestively.

While laughter can be heard in the background, Judge Catherine Ponder didn’t seem to enjoy the impromptu party, keeping a straight face through the whole thing.

Griffith was rewarded with a bond of $18,500.

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