Toddler recovering from skull fracture after being hit by home run ball

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Rowan Senders' mother had just left to take his 4-year-old sister to the bathroom and he was sitting with his dad, Michael Senders, in the stands. Rowan was tucked into one of his father's arms, and his 7-month-old sister was in the other.

“My first reaction was to try to cover him, but I had my daughter in my left arm so I couldn't get in the way. So I put my hand over his face like this, and it partially hit my hand and it partially hit his head," Michael Senders said.

Paramedics were at Rowan's side quickly and he was taken to a hospital. Doctors said he has a skull fracture and some bruising to his brain, but should make a full recovery.

A special get-well package from White Sox got a big smile.

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