‘That’s my dog’: Minnesota woman finds lost pup through Florida brewery’s beer can photo

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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‘That’s my dog’ Minnesota woman finds lost pup through Florida brewery’s beer can photo campaign

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Florida brewery’s idea of putting photos of adoptable dogs on its beer cans had a surprising -- and happy -- ending for a Minnesota woman, who was reunited with her lost pup after three years.

"I was scrolling pretty much on Facebook and I saw," Monica Mathis told WTVT. "I was like, 'Oh my gosh! That's my dog!'"

Motorworks Brewing of Bradenton began featuring adoptable animals on its cans of Kölsch beer, with part of the proceeds going toward Shelter Manatee, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The campaign was also initiated to help raise awareness for adopting dogs at the Manatee County Animal Services, the Bradenton Herald reported.

Day Day's name is actually Hazel, WTVT reported. Mathis was incredulous when she saw her dog's photo on the beer can.

“I really thought she was gone, I never thought I’d see her again,” Mathis told the television station. “I had a doubt, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, it looks like her, but is it really her?”

Mathis called Manatee County Animal Services and provided proof about the dog, including the animal’s microchip information, animal shelter spokesman Hans Wohlgefahrt told WTVT.

It is not clear how the dog made it from Iowa to Florida, but Mathis said Hazel was adept at breaking out of her home.

"She was an escape artist, she was very good at, you know, getting loose," Mathis told WWSB. "Bolting right through the door. Knocking me over just to get out the door."

Mathis said she was overcome with emotion when she realized Hazel was the dog pictured on the beer can.

"I was really nervous. I was like, shaking. I was crying," Mathis told WWSB. "My husband was like 'why are you crying?' 'Because I think this is my dog!'"

Hazel will be shipped home to Mathis for free, thanks to the nonprofit Friends of Manatee County Animal ServicesWTVT reported.