Teenager groped on Dallas-to-Portland flight, police say

A man on a flight between Dallas and Portland, Oregon has been charged with groping a 13-year-old girl who was traveling unaccompanied last week.

Chad Cameron Camp, 30, sat in a middle seat next to the teen on the American Airlines flight, The Washington Post reported.

Camp was asked if he wanted to move to a different seat, but he told flight attendants that he was fine, the Post reported.

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Throughout the flight, the attorney representing the girl and her family said, Camp brushed her arm and shoulder multiple times, and the girl tried to move away. They also allege that when he put away a magazine he was reading, he attempted to put it in the seat pocket in front of the girl, but missed, dropping it on her shoes, the Post reported.

He also put his face inches from hers, offered to share his headphones and put his hand on her knee and upper thigh, authorities said.

Her attorney said she was touched more than 15 times during the flight.

A flight attendant returned to the row for drink service, and said she saw Camp's hand on the girl's crotch, the criminal complaint said.

Flight attendants moved Camp to another seat for the remainder of the flight, the FBI said.

Camp was arrested as he left the flight, and charged with abusive sexual contact, Oregon Live reported.

The teenager's father paid $150 each way for American Airlines' "unaccompanied minor service."

The airline's website said the service makes sure that a child who is traveling alone is brought on to the aircraft, introduced to a flight attendant, chaperoned during connections and escorted to the correct person at his or her destination.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, unaccompanied minor service does "not include constant supervision or entertainment during the flight."

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