Teachers save choking girl's life with Heimlich maneuver

Teachers at a Pennsylvania school are being credited with saving a girl's life.
A 7-year old girl named Aubrey was eating breakfast Wednesday morning at Lockley Early Learning Center when she started to choke. As she ran to the bathroom, a teacher saw that she was in trouble.
"She was flushed. She was red, and couldn't get any breath," said teacher Beth Stanley. "I rushed her to the nurse's office."
Stanley called 911, and then she and other teachers and staff members took turns giving the girl the Heimlich maneuver, trying to dislodge the food from her throat.

“It was exhausting,” said Brian Popovich, the assistant principal. 
After several minutes of trying, the little girl went limp, but the staff didn't give up. 

Popovich said he told the other teachers to pick her up so he could get more leverage. He tried a few more times, and on the eighth thrust, the food flew out. 
Aubrey was taken to a hospital to be checked out. She's going to be fine, doctors said.
Aubrey’s mother, Valarie Speers, said the teachers are lifesavers, heroes walking the hallways. She said she can’t thank them enough.
“These folks are awesome. They are special,” Speers said. “They saved my baby’s life.”
Aubrey is now giving lots of hugs and kisses to the teachers and staff who saved her life.
The superintendent is using the incident as a teachable moment. Next week, the district will hold a CPR session for its staff.

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