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Teacher called a hero after disarming N.M. school shooter

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A teacher at Berrendo Middle School is being called a hero after he reportedly talked a 12-year-old student into surrendering the weapon the boy had allegedly used during a shooting at the school Tuesday.

According to police, the terrifying incident only lasted about ten seconds, and social studies teacher John Masterson was there for the whole thing. (Via NBC)

"I was about to walk into the gym when I heard three gunshots," one student said.

Witnesses say the gunman had already shot a boy and a girl in the New Mexico school's gymnasium when he reportedly pointed the sawed-off 20-gauge shotgun right in Masterson's face. (Via New York Daily News)

"Mr. Masterson, who stood there and allowed the gun to be pointed right at him so there would be no more young kids hurt," said Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor. (Via HLN)

And fortunately for Masterson and everyone else inside the school, it worked.

Police say Masterson spoke with the suspect after the student shot the two victims. The gunman then reportedly put his weapon down and his hands up. (Via CBS)

Masterson told the Albuquerque Journal police asked him not to talk about the specifics of the shooting. But he did say, "It was a harrowing experience. All I can say was the staff there did a great job."

Another unidentified school employee is also being recognized by police for his bravery.

According to CNN, he sustained "very minor injuries" but refused medical attention so he could continue to help students get to safety.

Officials say, as of Wednesday morning, the girl wounded in the shooting is in stable condition, while the male victim is still in critical condition. (Via KRQE)

The 12-year-old suspect is now in custody, and authorities are deciding how to charge the boy. Police have not yet released his name or a possible motive.

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