Surveillance video from convenience store appears to show man beating child

A man who says he witnessed an older man beating a child in the parking lot of his New Kensington motorcycle shop is hoping surveillance video of the incident helps police track down the man responsible.

Chad Razor said he was sitting at his desk at his shop around noon Tuesday when he heard a car pull into the parking lot.

“When I stood up, I thought it was two men in the parking lot fighting,” Razor said.

He said he was in disbelief when he realized the person being beaten was a child.

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“He couldn’t have been no more than between 8 and 9 years old. He was screaming for all he had,” Razor said.

The Stop N Go convenience store next to Razor’s shop captured the entire altercation on video.

“(The child) was screaming for all he had. He was definitely terrified,” Razor said.

In the surveillance video, the child is struck at least 15 times with what appears to be a belt. The child takes a couple steps, is hit again and then punched, which knocks him to the ground.

“At that moment, he had struck the child one last blow in the face. I screamed at the person. He threw the child into the car,” Razor said. “That’s all he pulled in here for. He pulled in, done it and left.”

Razor said he called police, showed them the surveillance video and filed a report. He said he’s hoping someone will recognize the man or the car in the video.

“It was inhumane. It was savage, and they need to get him,” Razor said.   WPXI contacted both New Kensington police and neighboring Arnold police to learn whether an investigation is underway. As of Tuesday night, authorities had not responded.

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