Surveillance video captures terrifying carjacking

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Armed carjackers beat and robbed a man for his work truck on Hatteras Way in northwest Atlanta and it was all caught on camera.

"I just didn't want him to shoot the gun," said the carjacking victim, who did not want to be identified.

That was the only thought racing through his mind.

"I think it was more shock than anything because you don't think that's going to happen to you," the victim said.

He says his instincts kicked in when he looked down the barrel of a gun.

He struggled with the robber and tried to take the gun away -- or at the very least point it away from himself.

Neighbors in the Vinings on Chattahoochee neighborhood want the criminals to know that there are surveillance cameras throughout the community.

"Do something better with your life. There's more out there than the crimes you're committing, because you're going to get caught," the victim said.

Police say the suspect who had the gun has been caught, but the other two are still at large.

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