Student claims school wouldn't let her leave prom after family involved in deadly crash

A teenager in Louisiana said school officials refused to let her leave prom, even after she learned that family members had been involved in a deadly car crash.

Kerston Demouchet, 18, told KLFY that she was at the Carencro High prom Saturday night when she learned that her sister, her cousin, her nephew and a friend had been involved in a serious car accident.

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When Demouchet tried to leave, she said one school official accused her of lying. School officials said the prom was a closed event, and no one could leave until the event was over. A school official told KLFY that a student would be allowed to leave prom if a parent or guardian appeared in person, but Demouchet said she wasn’t told this and that there were no family members available to pick her up. Demouchet got her mother on the phone to vouch for her, but school officials still didn't let her leave.

Demouchet was forced to wait until prom was over, when she rushed to the hospital. She was able to see her sister before she died the next day. Her cousin, nephew and friend died at the scene of the accident.

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