‘Star Wars Always’: Famous fans create mega trailer for entire saga

A weekend without wives turned into a creative outlet for a movie and television star, and his friend, who is a trailer editor, has given “Star Wars” fans the trailer they didn’t know they wanted or needed.

“That ‘70s Show” star Topher Grace posted the preview called “Star Wars: Always,” which is a super cut of the entire saga, the original series, the prequels and even “Solo” and “Rogue One.”

It runs about five minutes.

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Grace and trailer editor Jeff Yorks asked on Twitter, “Why don’t studios make ‘mega-trailers,’ tying all the movies of one franchise together, reminding you why you fell in love in the first place?”

This isn't the first time Grace has put his own touch on the classics, IGN reported.

He worked on a version of the original prequel trilogy that took "The Phantom Menace," "Attack of the Clones," and "Revenge of the Sith,"and combined them into a single, shortened move called "Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back," USA Today reported. He's also re-cut the "The Hobbit" trilogy into a two hour-version of the movie to decompress from playing David Duke in Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman," according to IGN. He told USA Today he was using parts of "The Lord of the Rings" series to help tell "The Hobbit" tale.

Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images

Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images

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