Spider web Halloween decorations pose hazard to birds, wildlife center officials say

Those spooky Halloween decorations in your yard can become a real nightmare for birds, wildlife officials caution.

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The Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Illinois posted a warning on Facebook, urging people to avoid hanging Halloween decorations like the gauzy fake spider webs in yards because the material can cause birds to become trapped.

"It's a good idea to think like a wild animal and look for these potential threats when adding anything unnatural to the natural world," Willowbrook officials said in the Facebook post.
It wasn't all bad news for those who love to decorate for Halloween. Willowbrook officials said pumpkins and gourds can be placed outside as a food source for squirrels and other wildlife. Dried corn was another recommendation Willowbrook officials offered, saying it is a favorite wildlife snack.

The National Wildlife Federation says birds and other small mammals enjoy pumpkin seeds.