‘Snow Enforcer’: Police department instructs drivers in ‘tactical snow removal’ infomercial

Mansfield Police are offering a solution for all those people who find it too difficult to brush snow off their cars.

Instead of posting the usual "clear snow before you go" message to their Facebook page, Mansfield officers made an infomercial for the "Snow Enforcer."

Complete with a tactical red dot sight, extendable stock and flashlight, the Snow Enforcer is Mansfield's all-in-one solution for snow scrapers -- complete with wolverine hair for the brush.

The parody of a bad infomercial reminds drivers to clear snow off their car, and it had been shared almost 2,000 times by Friday morning.

It's a different approach to sharing an important message -- particularly after a series of dangerous near-misses with ice falling off cars on highways.

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