'Serial stalker' fired from Uber arrested again, accused of annoying, accosting women, police say

An alleged serial stalker in Massachusetts has been arrested and was arraigned on Tuesday on charges of accosting and annoying, police said.

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WFXT first reported on Richard Agyemang in June 2016, who authorities say is dangerous.

Authorities say 33-year-old Agyemang has been following women to their cars and won't take no for an answer.

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"He followed her to her vehicle, he was standing in front of her hood, awkwardly staring at her, tried to engage her in conversation," said Warpula.

Agyemang has been charged with annoying and accosting, which is a misdemeanor and doesn't require jail time.

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"He went to the passenger side and banged on her window aggressively," said Warpula.

He told authorities he was just looking for a girlfriend.

"He said, 'How am I supposed to get a girlfriend if all of you have boyfriends?' That was alarming," said Millbury Police Detective Andrea Warpula.

Agyemang used to drive for Uber before being fired, but officials say he's still picking up passengers. Last month, officials sent out a warning to women in the Worcester, Shrewsbury and Natick areas, saying that Agyemang would wait outside bars as they were closing to pick up female passengers.

On Monday night, Agyemang was arrested on charges of trespassing, annoying and accosting.

He was arraigned on Worcester District Court on Tuesday and has been held on bail, a Millbury detective told WFXT.

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