Railroad company says 'Pokemon Go' is putting players at risk

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) is issuing a warning to "Pokemon Go" players in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area.

BNSF Regional Spokesman Joe Sloan said the company is having problems with people walking into their west Tulsa railyard facility to collect Pokeballs and other items.

The creators of the Pokemon app, Niantic, put what is called a Pokestop in the middle of the BNSF’s railyard near the Holly-Frontier oil refinery.

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A Pokestop is where players can pick up virtual Pokeballs, potions, revives, and Razz Berrys to help them catch and keep Pokemon healthy.

BNSF’s railyard stop on the game is unique because it is not near a road where someone can access the stop safely from their car, but instead, players would have to walk towards the tracks to access the Pokestop.

Sloan said the craze seems to have popped up overnight, but BNSF is concerned that it’s only a matter of time before someone wanders in front of a train for Pokemon or supplies.

BNSF says it has stepped up security in the west Tulsa rail yard after finding out about their location being featured in the game, and they will issue trespassing notices and ask someone to leave if they are found playing the game on their tracks.

There is no word yet, FOX23 is told, on whether or not BNSF will seek to have the location removed from the game, and it’s not clear how that process would take place even if the company wanted to no longer be listed.