Rage rooms help people break things, vent frustrations

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Rage Rooms Helping People Vent Frustrations By Breaking Things

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

If you’ve reached to your limit of dealing with the frustrations of daily life, there are outlets popping up all over the country -- and the world -- where you can go and smash out the anger that’s building up.

They come in many names -- including wrecking clubs, and rage rooms -- are where people can pay cash to literally break and smash away the negative feelings, The New York Times reported.

The tagline for the Wrecking Club in New York City is "where people come to smash stuff to pieces."

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There’s even one that pops up on occasion in London that’s holiday themed.

It's called Rudolph's Rage Room and angry people pay about $25 in U.S. currency to take a bat and break all that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s a popup event, and sadly it has already happened for Christmas 2017.

The group that put on this year’s Rudolph’s Rage Room developed the theme for those people who are sick of Christmas carols, fruit cake and decorations that fill every waking hour leading up to Dec. 25.

The event also helped fill the void for those who come up empty every holiday.

"I just imagined everyone from last Christmas who didn't get me anything and then showed them how it was," Pearse Egan told CBS News.

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