Puppy reunited with 4-year-old owner after dramatic rescue

“Amen,” said Sahri, 4, cradling the 7-week-old dog.

Sahri’s puppy, Toshi, disappeared Tuesday morning, falling 6 feet into a PVC pipe.

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“We did what we could at first. We called 911. They sent animal control. They couldn’t do anything,” said Shantessa Love, Sahri’s mother.

Crews brought in an excavator, as public works employees dug and firefighters kept a close eye on Toshi. Crews dropped a small camera down the pipe, but a ruptured water main made things worse, because the puppy could drown.

Finally, after eight hours, rescuers pulled the wet, crying puppy from the pipe.

“When they pulled her out I was like, ‘Wow. These people must be really dedicated to their job because they got her out,” said Love.

Sahri reached out to grab her tiny puppy from animal resuce officials. She nuzzled the whimpering puppy into her shoulder and said, “My puppy, he’s cold.”

Animal officials gave Toshi oxygen, and he is expected to be just fine.