Pop Secret is re -releasing its Popfetti limited edition popcorn.
Photo: Valerii__Dex/Shutterstock
Photo: Valerii__Dex/Shutterstock

Pop Secret shakes up popcorn game with Popfetti flavor

For those who like sweet and salty combinations, Pop Secret popcorn has a flavor for you. 

The company is releasing its limited edition Popfetti flavor once again. 

It was originally on store shelves in July 2017, Bustle reported.

The box says the microwave popcorn taste like yellow cake with buttercream frosting that has red and blue sprinkles.

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Those who have tasted the popcorn when it was released last year, say it can be addictive, according to the JunkBanter blog.

Bustle says the popcorn will be available at Walmart, Amazon and at grocery chains.