Police rescue Chihuahua from freezing car

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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7 Tips to Keep Pets Safe in Winter

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Police officers came to the aid of the smallest of dogs over the weekend as temperatures dipped to 10 degrees.

Police in Manhattan broke into a car to rescue a Chihuahua that had been left inside a car in freezing temperatures, The New York Post reported.

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One witness told the paper that, “The dog was in such a shock and freezing, he didn’t bark. The dog got as close as possible to the jacket of the officer [who helped rescue him] to look for warmth.”

They left a note for the dog’s owner to go to the precinct to claim the dog.

Police arrested the dog's owner, Haoyang Chen, and charged him with illegal confinement of an animal in a vehicle, The Post reported.

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Chen said he and his girlfriend adopted the dog in December. He said police overreacted, jimmying open the car door.

He said the dog, named Mary, was shaking because she was scared of strangers, not because of the cold, The Post reported.

Mary was given to Animal Care and Control, but Chen said he plans on getting the dog back.

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