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Pink-haired waitress told 'tips are for normal-looking people'

While working at Zombie Burger on Tuesday, Taelor May Beeck says a customer came in and rang up a $17.26 bill. Instead of leaving a tip, the customer left the words "Tips are only for normal looking people" on the receipt, WHO-TV reported.

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"At first, I felt really upset," Beeck told the TV station. "I felt attacked, I almost felt like I was back in middle school."

Beeck posted the receipt to Facebook but it has since been deleted. Her employer said Beeck has worked at Zombie Burger for 5 years and is a great employee.

"We believe that zombie burger is a place that celebrates individuality," the company that owns Zombie Burger, Orchestrate Hospitality, wrote in a statement. "We are in 100 percent support of our staff and we’re confident that our customers will be as well. She is an example of a great team member and we are standing by her.”

Beeck says this is a lesson for people to not judge a book by its cover.

"I mean, I may look like a weirdo but I'm actually a very nice, decent person," she told KWWL. "It's the way that I can express myself artistically and it's really important for me that I'm allowed to do that, and it's OK if people don't understand it because it's just who I am."