Owner of DNC campaign tour bus fined for dumping raw sewage

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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The state has fined the owner of a campaign tour bus that dumped raw sewage in front of a local business.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Georgia has fined the owner of a Democratic National Committee campaign tour bus that dumped raw sewage in front of a metro Atlanta business.

Witness Mike Robins told WSB-TV's Aaron Diamant that he approves of the $1,000 state fine imposed this week on the owner of the campaign bus after it pulled up in front of the auto parts store he runs and dumped raw sewage into a storm drain.

"He knew exactly what he was doing," Robbins said.

“Yeah, he pulled right up, stopped, I mean, (I) could barely get them pictures taken. He was that quick and gone,” Robbins said.

From the pictures that Robins took, state environmental protection investigators learned that the DNC rented the bus, but it took weeks to figure out who owned it.

"(In) the inner workings of a large political campaign there's lots of moving pieces, so actually tracking down through their bureaucracy who this actually was took a little while,” Bert Langley of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division said.

The bus was traced to Nashville, Tennessee-based Tour Bus Leasing LLC.

"It was obviously a purposeful decision to do this, and depending (on) all of the information we've gotten, it just came down to an inexperienced driver who made a bad choice,” Langley said.

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Robins also shot video of Gwinnett fire crews cleaning up the mess.

"A lot of diseases can come from that, and we don't want it in our water supply. We want it treated,” Robbins said.

EPD told Diamant that the bus dumped about 100 gallons of sewage, but doesn't expect any long term impact.

"You think these guys should know better?" Diamant asked.

"Yeah, you would think they would know better, they would know more of the laws, or at least know more of who they hired to drive their buses and stuff,” Robbins said.

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