Outrage over Dodge ad using Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice

Dodge aired a Ram ad featuring the voice of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and it seems to have impressed no one.

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The ad, titled “Built to Serve,” features audio from a fiery, inspiring public oration by the civil rights leader not long before he was shot to death, and modern clips of people helping others. The Dodge trucks only appear briefly a couple of times, and the suggestion seems to be their highest use is in serving others – transporting relief materials to storm victims, for example.

The King Center said Sunday that neither it nor Bernice King are the group of people that approves the use of King’s words and imagery, The King Center said Sunday.

The estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did give it’s approval of the ad, which was intended to convey a message of service.

“We found that the overall message of the ad embodied De. King’s philosophy that true greatness is achieved by serving others,” Eric D. Tidwell, managing director of the group which is the licensor of the estate.

The Super Bowl spot immediately sparked commentary on social media, with lots of people angry and some just plain baffled.

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