Officials tell parents please, no more Uber Eats, Door Dash during school time

Where have the days gone when students would skip class and go out for lunch if the cafeteria didn’t serve something they liked? Now a principal of a California high school says kids are having their lunches delivered and it is causing a security concern.

Chantelle Albiani wrote to parents at Franklin High School in Elk Grove telling them, "If the food is coming via a delivery service, we have no way to verify the person delivering the food is working for a legitimate company and is in fact delivering food," KCRA reported.

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And it's not just happening at Franklin High School. Other principals in the district are seeing students using food delivery services too, KCRA reported.

"It can be very disruptive in the learning environment if a student is pulled out of class because there is a delivery that has come from them at the front office," Xanthi Pinkerton, a district spokesperson, told KCRA.

The district reminded parents that it offers more than two dozen food options, including sandwiches and salads, through the school cafeterias.

Uber Eats told KCRA that the service technically shouldn't be used by minors and only adults over the age of 18 should order using Uber Eats.

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