Officer in lost dog Facebook post catches eyes

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Police Department's Post Searching For Dog Owner Sparks "Officer Scrumptious" Frenzy

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

An Orem, Utah, police officer has caught more than a missing dog, he’s caught the eyes of many women who may be willing to break the law to have him show up on their doorsteps.

Last week, the police department posted a photo of a dog to try to get the pup reunited with his family, but it was Officer Schroemges who was offered homes.

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Now Schroemges has been given the new nickname, Officer Scrumptious, by his coworkers. Women are not hiding their shame when it comes to Schroemges’ good looks and his coworkers are eating it up, posting to the desperate women some catchy comebacks.

Too bad for Emily, she really wasn’t the owner, and the department’s social media person first asked what’s the dog’s name and then had a great comment for her.

Some were willing to break the law for a visit from Officer Schroemges. The department had comments for them too.

As for the dog, his owners were found and they were reunited. The police department had to break the news to those who posted to the Facebook comments.

And one final reminder for desperate posters who wanted to ditch their dogs so Officer Schroemges would rescue them.

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