Nicole Kidman has another awkward interview with Jimmy Fallon

OK, so Jimmy Fallon is officially clueless.

Actress Nicole Kidman came on "The Tonight Show" a while back and told Fallon that he blew a chance to date her several years ago when they met at his apartment. That made for an awkward interview and induced howls of laughter from the studio audience.

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Kidman returned to "The Tonight Show" on Thursday night to poke fun at the original interview, WTHR reported. She also could not resist the chance to document another chance for a date that Fallon bungled.

Kidman told a second story about another encounter where Kidman wanted “The Tonight Show” host to ask her out, but Fallon didn’t get the hint — again.

Kidman laughingly admitted she "didn't want to come back" to the show, Rolling Stone reported, adding, "I'm in a new movie, 'Lions.' That's why I'm here."

To top it off, Kidman's husband and country music singer Keith Urban, came on the show to add a musical twist. Urban emerged from behind the curtain, strumming and singing the 1975 song by Gary Wright, “Dream Weaver.”

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