Mom upset over 8th grade sex, drinking and herpes homework

School says it's part of a bigger curriculum

The paper asked eighth-grade language arts students to describe what they would do if they "contracted herpes after drinking and having a one-night stand," WCAU reported.

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See the assignment below:

"You had a really rotten day, but lucky for you your best friend is having an awesome party later. You go to the party and start drinking. You have a little too much to drink and start talking to this girl/guy you've never seen before. You head upstairs to get better acquainted despite several friends telling you that you don't even know this person. You end up having sex with this person. The next day you really can't remember everything that happened and rely on your best friend to fill you in. A week later, you find out that you contracted herpes from your one-night stand and that this is a disease you will have all your life and never know when an outbreak will occur."

Amy Loper’s son thought it was funny. She doesn’t agree.

Loper called the school and was told the assignment is part of core curriculum but could have opted him out of sex education, WCAU reported.