Mom captures son showing off his catch by shoving his fish in his mouth

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

SEE: Boy Puts Fish in Mouth During Photo

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

There's always that one kid, and most parents hope it's not theirs.

But an Eau Claire little boy's antics are making many people killing time and surfing memes laugh.

Marika Daniels and her family visited the Children's Museum of South Dakota late last month before they moved to Wisconsin, WQOW reported.

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Daniels' sons posed with their catches from the museum's fishing pond.

Her two older sons posed like perfect anglers.

The youngest, Landon, who is 18 months old, didn't.

He shoved the fish into his mouth.

Don't worry. The fish was rubber, according to Daniels.

Daniels didn't notice until later.

She told WQOW that she was focused on getting Levi and Logan to pose that she didn't see what Landon had done.

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