Minnesota man accused of trying to shoot wife while she breastfed baby

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A Cold Spring, Minnesota, man faces a felony charge for threatening his wife when she was breastfeeding their baby.

WCCO reported that a woman filed a complaint with police Feb. 8 about an incident that happened last July.

The woman told police her husband, Nicholas George Lehmeier, has subjected her to abuse for over 10 years.

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In the July incident, Lehmeier, 28, pointed a loaded 12-gauge shotgun at the victim while she breastfed their 4-month-old baby, according to the complaint.

The victim recalled Lehmeier cocking the gun and pulling the trigger, but it did not go off.

She said Lehmeier did it because he was jealous that the baby was getting more time with his wife than he was.

When the gun did not go off, the woman said Lehmeier got a handgun and a round and said, "One bullet is all I need to end this."

KALA reported that the woman asked if Lehmeier could put their child first.

According to the complaint, Lehmeier then fired the gun out a window in the house.

Lehmeier has been involved in violent incidents in the past.

The complaint said the incident happened the first night the baby was able to come home since the couple's five children were removed from the home for another act of violence by Lehmeier.

The children were removed because Lehmeier assaulted their 7-year-old child.

Lehmeier was charged with malicious punishment of a child and pleaded guilty to fifth-degree assault in November 2015.

He was still upset about the incident and the removal of the children in July, blaming the victim for their removal.

The other children had not returned to the home the night Lehmeier pointed the gun at the victim.

The victim said that her husband threatened to kill her and her children, explaining why she was afraid to come forward and report the abuse.

Lehmeier faces a second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon charge.

He could serve up to seven years in prison and pay up to $14,000 in fines if convicted.