Michigan considers bill to ban cat declawing

Michigan lawmakers have introduced a bill that could bring an end to cat declawing in the state.

The Wolverine State follows New York, which is the only state to officially ban declawing.

New York passed the bill last year and it went into effect immediately, The New York Times reported.

Like the New York bill, the Michigan law would prohibit declawing of cats unless it was medically necessary. It also prevents any other surgical option that stops a cat's claws from working, WXYZ reported.

Medically necessary could include removing a cat's pain or treatment of a medical condition, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Most cases of declawing are not for medical purposes, the American Veterinary Medical Association told the Free Press.

If passed, a violation of the law could result in a $1,000 fine.

Opponents of the bill said that the declawing prohibition will lead to more cats being left out on the street, WXYZ reported.

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